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It is an honor to provide this service to all kinds people.  It is my belief that in most cases, holding on to a property when possible is a very smart move.  It can't always happen, and it doesn't always make sense, but when you do decide to rent, you should have someone on your team who has your back.  Hiring a property manager can be a huge support and relief.

I also believe that tenant's deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and good customer service.  A happy tenant is a happy customer.  I've noticed while working in the real estate community that there was a big need for a tech saavy, in touch property manager, and I decided, I'd just go right ahead and do that myself.

As a property manager I am smart, efficient, and helpful.  I make it easy on you and your tenants from start to finish.  I have extensive experience managing vendors, working with tenant's and maximizing your investment in a way that works for you.  I have an extremely solid vendor list with relationships that you will benefit from.  Plumbers, painters, cleaners, HVAC, handy people, I literally have multiple strong relationships with every possible trade.  Emily's list!  When you hire me, please know, your property will be cared for by the most honest talented and good people available in the trades.

What I do:

I offer three types of property management services.

Lease Up: One option is you can hire me to simply "lease up" your property and then have me hand it back to you.  I help project manage prepping the property for market, I post and market on the internet, I procure applicants, screen, and approve or reject applicants.  Once applicants are approved I  author lease, gather signatures, collect and disperse move in costs to you, coordinate move in.  After move in, you do the rest and I am no longer your property manager.  This is called a "lease up," because I'm leasing it up.  It's less expensive than full service which is explained below.

Full service: I most commonly get hired for full service management.  This is different from a lease up, where I take care of literally everything, and all you get is a check and the occasional email typically for a repair approval that is over $400.  I do all that I do in the "lease up" option, but I do not hand the property back to you once it's leased.  I am the point of contact for all work orders and tenant questions.  I project manage all work orders, disperse all funds to vendors (and you).  It really is full service.  I also do your books and accounting, and get you everything you'll need come tax time.

Short term/vacation rentals:  I also manage short term "air bnb" type vacation rentals.  For short term rentals I only do full service, no a la carte plans.

Rental placement: Looking to rent a house?  Struggling finding a place? Relocating from out of town?  I can find you a fab rental, and take care of all the details.  It makes for a no headache experience that you'll love.

What I don't do:

Consulting:  I occasionally get asked to do consulting on property management.  I don't offer an a la carte consult service.  I stick to doing one of the three above.

I give all my clients sound advice and support on making their property as strong as it can be when brought to market, while respecting budgets, and making the most of what we have.  Let's chat about your options!

I take being a property manager very seriously.  I make a point to attend as many continuing education classes as possible that are always lawyer instructed.  This allows me to keep up on the latest changes in statute regionally, and nationally.  Property management is a passion of mine and a natural fit. I've got you covered baby!  I would be happy to go over your options with you anytime, even if you're just kicking the tires.  Please don't hesitate to make an appointment with me.  I would be honored.

If you were referred to me by a Realtor, or are a Realtor referring me a property management client please read the following: I fully respect and honor the fact that you may be hiring me only for property management and am more than happy to help you with this important piece of your investment.  I get lots of agent referrals and their clients are always safe with me.  You have a good Realtor if they referred you to me, and I will always hand back any client referred via a licensee with joy!  Please know I am an honest person of integrity.  Ethics have and always will be paramount in all areas of my business and life.



Property management is highly regulated industry and filled with legal requirements. There are specific rules and regulations that need to be met to comply with state and federal housing laws. I am well aware of the legal requirements that owners and property management firms must comply with.  Additionally I have a highly skilled legal team that I consult with regularly on client's behalf to ensure that we stay in full compliance for everyone's benefit.  Being in compliance with all aspects of state and federal housing law is an absolute must.

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